Narratus Mythologica Volume 1 - Audiobook

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Welcome to Narratus Mythologica, Book One.


This new Audibook Series features short stories set in the Mythoverse, created by Dan Sacharow, Brett McGowan, and Matt Trinh.

These short stories feature tales told from the point of view of characters other than the Mythoverse's three main characters: Adobe Kroger, Elthia Fletcher and Meave MacKenzie. They may be witnesses to those characters' actions, or they may be affected by them.

Narratus Mythologica will also feature additional world building and vivid histories which will serve to bring the Mythoverse to vibrant life.

So relax, warm your feet by the fire, and enjoy some sips of warm tea as you enter this universe filled with danger, magic, drama, romance, and adventure.



Introductions/titles: Performed by Leanore King

Samuel's Letter: Written and performed by Dan Sacharow

Runwaway train: Written by Dan Sacharow, performed by Corrine LePage, Dan Sacharow, and Addison Peacock

My Last Night In Sacremento: Written by Brett McGowan, performed by Blossom  

From the Journal of Maria Fletcher: Written by Matt Trinh, performed by LaurenDraws

Caroline's Diary: Written by Dan Sacharow, performed by Caroline Milicent Burmester


Approximately 57 minutes.