Mythochibis! Volume 1 - Print Edition

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The year is 20XX.

Adobe Kroger is a hardworking software engineer by day and a mighty Paladin by night, but she is about to be faced with her greatest challenge to date. A baby changeling has been dropped on her front doorstep and her roommate, Elthia Fletcher, Mythic and unemployed aspiring author, wants to play house!

Some rough adjustment is in store as baby Maeve does her best to acclimate to her new situation and to contend with the “big dumb ox” Adobe’s less than welcoming attitude. Some new friends and enemies will be made along the way, but in the end all anyone wants is a quiet, harmonious household. Can the Mythochibis find their way, or are they doomed to perpetual yet adorable conflict?

Read on!

Experience the Mythoverse from a whole new superdeformed perspective, with hilariously cute illustrations from Antonella Touma.  Includes commentary from Dan, Matt, and Brett for each comic.


72 Pages, B&W.