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We are proud to present Hallowed Harvest.  The first entirely original Mythoverse Anthology!

Five creative teams bring their creative visions to life, with five brand new stories.  Each story is set in the Mythoverse, and each centers around the theme of the spookiest holiday of the year!  All have a distinct genre and style, and are brought to you by artists and writers from within the Mythoverse creative community.


1. October 1987

Writer/Artist:  Dylan R. Fagan

 Tom and Michael are two Paladins in the Order of The Carolingian Cross, the ancient order of Holy Knights that has defended humanity from eldritch horrors since the time of Charlemagne.   Set in a time long before Adobe Kroger set out on her first mission, Tom and Michael must hunt down a vampire in an old sewer system.


2. Maze of Dolls

Writer/Aritst:Peter Niederbrach

 A young woman sneaks into a Halloween Maze early, after discovering that there was no mention of it anywhere online. Once there, she finds that one of the decorations is far more real than she ever wanted to imagine.


3. Port of Call

Artist/Writer: Forester

 In Port of Call,  a Naval aviator stumbles upon a back alley speakeasy, which turns out to be a bar for dead sailors who come to port once a year, on Halloween.  He sees a friend who was shot down over North Africa, beckoning him to a table where Pirates sing sea shanties alongside Kriegsmariners, buying ale with Confederate money.  Can he escape, or is he condemned to join their fleet of doom?


4. Halloween Traditions

Writer: James Stern     Artist: Jacob K. Graczyk

One of the charms of any holiday is the set of local traditions that come with it. In Mayagin County, a young girl who spends all of Halloween night in the local graveyard discovers that the supernatural have traditions of their own.


5. The Blackfire Covenant

Author: Salem LeBlanc    Illustrations:  Omenomicon 

The Blackfire Covenant is unique among the offerings in Hallowed Harvest, in that it is an illustrated short story rather than a comic.

In this story, our protagonist Theo is searching for his friend Amy, who has recently gone missing.  Amy was last heard to have joined a cult that had been gaining popularity in Europe, and some members were last seen within the forests of western Ireland.  Theo is searching for his friend, but is about to encounter what the Blackfire Covenant has planned within the forest for the Feast of Samhain

 64 pages. color.